About A Red Bag Of Stories

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A 30-something, full-time worker bee and part-time travelling solo kind of a traveller. Don’t get me wrong on the ‘solo female traveller’ part. I know it is a much abused term in travel. But that kind of defines me and many like me. Because I am a ‘female’ and mostly I travel ‘solo’ so ‘solo female traveller’ makes sense. Right?  Of course, I do travel with family, a couple of friends but those trips are few and far between because my family doesn’t like travelling that much and I don’t have too many friends I have the travel compatibility with. 

I travel on long weekends, sometimes just weekends, sometimes a week. I am not a slow, long or nomadic traveller. At least not for now. I work five days and then plan to travel. Basically the weekend traveller is what I can think of myself as.

My love for travel may be new but my love for food is legendary. Often I feel that my only major reason to travel is to eat at new places. My Facebook timeline and Instagram news feed get fully colorful with food pictures when I am travelling. I love exploring the long winding hill roads as much as I love a delicious chicken curry and rice in the hills. As for the places that I have been to so far, Himachal seems to have taken my heart forever. 

This red bag has been a constant companion wherever I have been to, right from the first trip. On overnight bus journeys, on long days spent in hustle bustle of cities, on cozy table-for-one dinners or on pink-hued sunrises, it has been with me, holding more than just my overflowing-stuff. It may worn out some day but this space is my ode to our journey together.  
Join me (and my red bag) on some beautiful trails and stories as I tread my way slowly but surely through some gorgeous landscapes, stunning beaches, snow-capped mountains and not to forget, lip-smacking food. 


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