Seegreen Lodge – A Delightful Homestay In Hathipaon, Uttarakhand

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It was the birthday weekend and we wanted to check out some place closer to Dehradun for two days. Mussoorie was the very obvious choice undoubtedly. I have never been to Mussoorie and frankly speaking, it wasn’t something on my list either. Simply because of the over-crowded and over-commercialized state of affairs in this once all-green and beloved hill station.

In the search to not settle for anything crowded, came another option - Hathipaon. And what settled the deal for Hathipaon? A beautiful, warm homestay with the name Seegreen Lodge. It checked all the boxes on our list. Perfectly located, 35 kms from Dehradun and about 4 kms from Mall Road of Mussoorie. Close to the action and yet sitting cozy at a distance. Easily accessible with cabs from Dehradun and even from Mussoorie.

We reached Seegreen around noon and immediately felt at home with the quiet and blissful location of the place and a very warm and inviting aura to it. Just three rooms with one spacious dining area and a very comfortable balcony with a sitting deck, Seegreen is every bit of a homestay you would want to lounge around on a long weekend.

Started by a Mumbai-based couple for their sheer love for owning a little space in the mighty mountains, Seegreen is run by two of their very efficient Pahadi lieutenants.  The whole space is artfully done and attention to little details is unmistakable.

Rooms are designed for comfort and complete with all the amenities. The views from the big windows show you the pahadi houses in the distance, people going about their lives, while an occasional vehicle or two pass by on their way to or from Mussoorie.

I woke up early morning, went for a walk around the lodge, a little uphill, striking a conversation with this aunty who runs a small tea shop a little ahead the road.

Post the walk, I got back and found my corner in the balcony, and decided to vegetate there for some hours. To aide my efforts, I ordered a hot, soothing cup of honey-ginger-lemon tea.  I can’t express that in words just how delicious that glass mug full of hot, golden liquid felt on that pahadi morning.

You can settle in the balcony to the humbling view of the criss-cross hill road, with pahadi houses strewn in between. There is also an extremely comfortable cane swing in the porch to go, settle in to with a book in hand. The objective of staying here should solely be to not have an agenda. You will make the most of the place and your holiday if you just lie back, feet up, with a book and enjoying your cup of tea or coffee.

Did I fill you in on how awesome the food is at their café?  The food is from their farm, grown organically and prepared fresh as and when you order. Be it the delicious creamy mac and cheese, warm waffles with chocolate sauce, scrumptious paranthas or the tall glass of chilled lemon iced tea, every item on the menu hit the right chords.

Places to check out when you are at Seegreen

Walk up to George Everest Point

Make a wish at Wishing Well

Go for a nature trail

Make a day trip to Mussoorie and Landour (and you may get to meet Ruskin Bond too)

The place is a homestay so make sure you don’t go around with expectations of a five star hotel. You will be bowled over by the homely touch, warmth and personalized service of this lovely place, staying true to the idea of a homestay.

Do check out this delightful place for your next long weekend when you want to break away from the big cities and work emails, up and away in the world of wilderness and nature.


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