A Much-Needed Escape To The Yoga Retreat At Namah Resort, Jim Corbett

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It is not every day that you want to take a break from job, heartbreak, city, people and a well-curated trip lands in your lap. Well, I can say I was lucky that it happened with me. I was in the middle of wrapping up this job in Mumbai, packing my bags to visit family in Delhi and had already been contemplating rescheduling my return ticket as I had no job to come back to.

In between all this madness, Akanksha - a dear friend, a fellow traveller and a very popular blogger- called me to check if I would be interested in going to a resort near Jim Corbett for three nights and four days as part of a yoga retreat that the property was planning with a bunch of bloggers, at the backdrop of International Yoga Day.

Now if you know me, you know I would have been sold at the mere mention of ‘yoga retreat’. A couple of mails and detailed itinerary later, I was already looking forward to this awesome Delhi trip that had planned itself so amazingly.

Reaching Delhi, I was already packing another bag to start for Namah Resort. And I was also looking forward to this trip because I was meeting another dear friend, an army wife, an avid traveller and a published author, Aditi Mathur Kumar who was also bringing her adorable daughter, Gauri (Chikoo to the world and Cheeka to me).

Because journeys are so much fun
Especially when you enter the bus and find a very thoughtful goodie bag on your seat. Sorry, you do know I am biased towards food. And it had Pringles that gave us company all through the way!
goodie bag
The lovely foodie goodie bag
And then Cheeka and I had our moments of goofing around.
I heart Cheeka :)
And the mandatory highway lunch stop at Gajraula.
Bikanervala Gajraula
The highway grub
#TheRoyalRejuvenation began the moment we stepped in
After half a day long journey, Namah welcomed us with some real royal welcome. The beautiful, decorated thali, the tilak, pahaadi music being played and the refreshing welcome drink of rhododendron flowers. All this while our eyes were taking in the sweeping landscapes of this charming property.

Namah Resort at Jim Corbett
And we reached!
royal welcome with music
The royal welcome
aarti thali
Isn't it beautiful?
A breathtaking property, beautifully designed, Namah is situated at the banks of Kosi river and is close to the Jim Corbett National Park. Looking at this vast expanse, I was very sure to lose my way to my own room every single time I would venture out and that’s what happened. Every single time I had to ask around for directions to the restaurant or reception or lobby.

Perfect place to chill and think deep
The property is huge and spread across several acres of lush greens and extreme peace. Looking at it, one could know there couldn’t be a better place to have a yoga retreat than this little piece of heaven.

After a pleasant pahaadi evening spent amidst some pahaadi music and dance, and a delicious buffet, I was eagerly looking forward to the early morning yoga session.

The delightful Yoga morning
Cut to 5:45am and all of us had to gather in the garden. Dressed up for the mat, the morning also looked quite ready to help us kick-start this yoga retreat. A lazy sun still taking time to come out, the little nip in the air, the cool-misty grass, an overcast sky and mountains in the far background, believe me it had to be the most promising morning to go out there, roll the mat and breathe!
early morning at Namah Resort
Getting up to such tranquility!
sunrise at Namah Resort
Clouds and sun in hide n seek
early morning at Namah Resort
The views that could intoxicate you
As we reached the assigned spot, the stage was all set with the colorful yoga mats rolled on the grass.
yoga at Namah Resort
The perfect setting for Yoga!
yoga at Namah Resort
Ready to breathe in, breath out.
But we were not here to sit and do any asana. We were here to do a yoga practice called jal neti. It is a purification, cleansing technique to clean out sinuses.  I had heard about this technique from my mother and when I saw other people doing it, I was pretty sure I won’t be attempting it. And I slowly saw my beautiful yoga dreams breaking in to pieces. However, the very trained yoga instructors who were accompanying us for the retreat convinced me to try it. I tried and boy, it felt awesome after that! I felt lighter after this one thing and very charged up for the hour long yoga session that awaited us.

For the one hour asanas and breathing exercise session, we were ushered in to quiet of the banquet hall. And may I just say, that one hour was sixty minutes of pure bliss. And that buffet breakfast after that felt so worth it.

The Food-Safari
Packed between yoga mornings were lip-smacking buffets with amazing selection of cuisines. Brilliant chef, ably supported by a cordial team made sure we never went out of choice, be it soups, salads, breads, main course and desserts.
imarti rabdi at Namah Resort
Food, glorious food!
evening snacks at Namah Resort
Pakode and coffee, anyone?
And if this food coma wasn’t enough, we also had a Jim Corbett safari session lined up one afternoon. To be honest, I wanted to slip out of this and chill in the resort, reading a book. But after everyone told me how exciting it can be, there I was all geared for my first jungle safari ride on a jeep.
Jim Corbett
Out in the jungle
Jim Corbett
Such beautiful day and such fun ride
The takeaways
Honestly, when I was going for this trip, I wasn’t expecting anything except some cool Yoga sessions. I am so glad to have met some interesting people, had some fabulous conversations and spent some quality time with Aditi and Cheeka.
Namah Resort
Stunning, sweeping sight
With its location, green cover, great food, spacious rooms and excellent staff, I loved every minute of my time in Namah and given a chance I would take my family there for a relaxed, do-nothing kind of a weekend.

Namah is a great stop for a health and wellness kind of a break in the midst of nature and you can check out more about it here.

Until next time!

(I was invited by Namah Resort to experience the property and I am recommending it to you simply because I and Red Bag had a real fun time here)


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