6 Kinds Of Fellow Countrymen (and Women) You Will Meet In Goa

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Having just returned from a blissful week in Goa, time divided nicely between north and south of Goa to get the 'feel' of both, believe me this post had to come out of me. It had to happen. You do not see much when you are frolicking with your friends, but if you are traveling solo like myself, you get a little more observant of your surroundings.

But I would be very honest. I did not have to be too observant. These 6 kinds of people were right there, out there, too much there to be ignored. One couldn't just miss them.

So, presenting the 7 kinds of Indians you are SURE to run into in Goa, from beaches to beach shacks to supermarkets to flea market.

1. The 'Hand In Hand' Newly Weds
If you go during the peak wedding season, like I did, safely better part of the aircraft, better part of the beach and better part of your holiday will be full of newly wedded couples. With red and white bangles, still dark in parts mehendi, brand new handbag and suitcases and exchanging smiles and giggles at every chance, you cannot just avoid them. Clicking selfies at every possible opportunity, airport, airplane, beach, shack, inside water or outside, I am sorry but so much love made me dizzy.
Moving on.

2. The 'Hyperactive Gang Of Friends' Ideally In The Age Group Of 22-25
With almost equal number of women and men, this bunch is loud, wants to live the moment, for them it is like 'now or never' kind of trip. The perfect check-ins, the pouting selfies and flowing maxi dresses, this gang is here for a life-altering trip, I concur.

3. The 'Sitting At The Seashore' Wife Admiring The Over-Sized Husband And Kids In The Water
I mean really what's the deal with those middle-aged women sitting at the shore, where waves come and make a whirlpool around them, looking admiringly at their over-sized husbands (wearing Lux Cozi, nothing against the brand though!), with kids also accompanying daddy dear in the waters.

4. The 'Sitting On The Sunbed' Women And A Little Toned Husbands
Basically, Gurgaon or a South Bombay version of the above-mentioned point. Just that these ladies, with mani-pedi done before Goa trip, sit at the sunbed with a tote and everybody's clothes, and the husbands are slightly toned and maybe wearing a swimming trunk instead of well, Lux Cozi!

5. The Boys Who Refuse To Be Acknowledged As Men
They are working in their late 20s or early 30s, taken some paid leave from office, want to smoke up, will always be seen with a beer bottle while walking (be it on the beach or road), mostly wearing bright colored shorts (Chumbak and Happily Unmarried stuff looked like a favorite), partying at Curlies or Club Cubana seems like the most important thing to do every single night. And of course, not going to bed till 5 in the morning is vacation mantra.

6. The One In Goa Mood, Airport To Airport
The shorts, the tees, the Hawaiian print shirts, the hats, the flipflops, everything is worn right from the destination airport to Goa airport and back. I saw one at Delhi airport still wearing the hat with a sweater.

Please tell me you have spotted one of these too!


Liked it? Didn't? Say it all here. I am all ears.