Loi Krathong 2015 – When Delhi got lit-up once again after Diwali

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Every year, as Diwali approaches, I am very kicked about it. It happens to be my most favorite festival and the very next day, I go in to those terrible post-Diwali blues phase. 

But this year was different. Soon as Diwali ended, a friend and a fellow travel blogger, Akanksha, asked me if I would be interested in accompanying her to Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi where they were going to recreate and celebrate Loi Krathong, Thai festival on the lines of Diwali. You can understand my joy, right?! Of course I said yes!

Just like Diwali, Loi Krathong has deeper cultural meaning for Thailand and its people. Loi, means 'to float' and krathong is a 'basket'. So literally it means floating a basket. Traditionally krathong is made with banana leaves but these days you can also find krathong made of styrofoam as well, which obviously is not very environment-friendly. These handmade krathongs are then adorned with incense sticks and candles. 

On the full moon night of the 12th month of traditional calendar, people light the candles in their krathongs, put a coin for good luck and float it in the river, pond or lake, and making a wish while doing so. This is done to pay respects to god of water, ask for forgiveness for causing harm to water and pray for good luck and health. The festival holds special significance in the life of Thai couples who float the krathongs together with a prayer for river god. 

Needless to add, when hundreds and thousands of such lit-up baskets make way in the river, the river comes alive even in the darkness of night. 

Let me take you to a quick trip to that night when Delhi lit-up againg, not on Diwali but for Loi Krathong.

Beautiful krathong all set with candles and incense sticks
Colorful and delicate
Don't you just love the colors and lights here? :)
Thai dancers from Chiang Mai
A synchronized performance with so much elegance
Thai boxers putting up a formidable performance
And then we made a wish and set it afloat
The pool became all lit-up with lit-up krathongs, so magical!


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